Cisco Systems



San Jose, California

  • Technical Lead/Architect (Workflow Developer)
  • 2016 to Present

I am the technical leader, product manager, and architect for a number of complex Enterprise workflow products, serving our stakeholders and customers in an Agile Scrum team. SaaS technologies are used in all of my products. We focus on solutions for business process automation, with improved collaboration with cross-functional teams and efficiency improvements to drive revenue growth.

Strategy & Leadership
♦ Pioneered ServiceNow Workflow at Cisco: Designing, product management, strategy and building cloud-based SaaS workflow products for a global workforce while delighting stakeholders.
♦ Designing, managing and building workflow and business process automation products involving Customer Support, Services, Logistics, Supply Chain, Big Data, ITSM, and Analytics
♦ Mentoring and Coaching Product Managers, Program Managers, and Product Owners across the organization
♦ Managing External Consultants, Vendors, and Employees that contribute to the product via scripting, coding, testing and design
♦ Coordinate release functionality & roadmap with global stakeholders

Quality & Craftsmanship
♦ Developed rapid prototyping/ideation process for high-quality workflow development that tripled productivity in delivering workflows
♦ My workflow product(s) were called out in 2018 ISO Quality Audit as a Best practice
♦ Same day resolution of 99.9% of issues to ensure business success

Communication & Collaboration
★★★★★ “Making a difference award” June 2019
★★★★★ Awarded Teamwork Award, September 2017
♦ Team Player, Work across boundaries and excel in all areas
♦ Aid to the greater good of the team, with mentoring and coaching

★★★★★ Awarded Cisco Ignite Award, November 2016
♦ Demonstrate skills and influence that move a team forward
♦ Partner in projects outside of their direct team & job function
♦ Do more than required job function

Tools Used:
Adobe XD for UX Design/mocks/wireframe, Adobe Creative Suite, Excel, SQL, MySQL, Tableau, Visio, Notepad++ etc.

Technical Skills
♦ Javascript / SQL
♦ ServiceNow Designer/Developer
♦ Forms, Requests, Incident, Demands, Workflow, etc.


FileHold Software

Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Product Manager, Co-Founder, VP of Services (Support, Success, and Consulting)
  • 2005-2015

*FileHold Software makes award-winning full-featured document management software that is feature rich, easy to configure, and enterprise-grade. Enterprise and SaaS editions support global customers in many industries in mission-critical environments.*

Strategy & Leadership
♦ Generated Agile requirements and worked with a global engineering team in Europe and Canada to organize roadmap and manage releases.
♦ Managed Technical Support & Customer Success, implemented SalesForce while ensuring our processes for onboarding, training, technical support, renewals, and upgrades were all focused on a great Customer Experience.
♦ Originated product idea, vision, product name, positioning, and product roadmap for Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) and raised money for investors to create the platform.

Quality & Craftsmanship
♦ Made decisions with the engineering team to mitigate risk, minimize technical debt and ensure customer success
♦ Managed wireframes, prototypes, roadmap, strategy, sprints, and backlog around a strict quality focus

Communication & Collaboration
♦ Championed and Evangelized product/platform
♦ Stakeholder Management: Interviewed & generated regular product feedback from leading customers like American Express, BMW, US Dept. of Justice, GE Healthcare, and Toyota
♦ Competitive win/loss analysis on sales activities and RFP’s to inform and guide roadmap
♦ Mentored employees and contractors
♦ Championed SalesForce to organize lead generation, team-based selling, creating support portal around Service level agreements, renewals, and customer success

User Science & Empathy
♦ Analyzed data with SQL, Salesforce reporting tools, and Excel analysis to make informed decisions
♦ Acted as Voice of the customer, and managed support/success teams to better inform my product management

Technical Skills
♦ Familiarity with a variety of technologies (Java, .NET, C#, PHP, C++, ASP) and have architected & managed many complex integration projects.


  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Director of Services/CX, Co-Founder
  • 1998-2005

*evolutionB’s SynergyAnywhere product was a Collaboration platform for ColdFusion developers with Eight (8) ready to go, powerful collaboration applications to help build Intranets, Extranets, and Enterprise Portals. SynergyAnywhere was a pioneer in web-based SaaS.*

Strategy & Leadership
♦ Creator and Co-Product Manager for SynergyNow product (SMB, Enterprise, SaaS editions)
♦ Generating product requirement documents and managing product backlog and roadmap
♦ Initiated, sold and managed a complex, multi-million dollar custom software project for 5+ years for American Express and Ameriprise Financial (I was given a Vendor of the year by Amex for this project)

User Science & Empathy
♦ Conducted User research, user acceptance testing, and A/B style usability testing
♦ Created customer advisory boards for each industry
♦ Voice of the customer, worked closely with customers on the product roadmap

Management & Execution Skills
♦ Founded company in 2001, self-funded, profitable by year 2, then sold to investors in 2005