Hello, this site covers my work life, case studies and creative portfolio.


I am a Technical product manager, who has created and pioneered products within the areas of content management, workflow, document management and mobile workforce solutions. I have learned from customers ranging from American Express, BMW, Boeing, GE Healthcare, Sony and Toyota.

I have successfully founded and successfully exited five profitable Enterprise software companies that were all acquired by leading companies. I also love photography, 3d printing, being a maker, skiing and exploring the world.

what do I love to do?

Product Manager

Product manager for a variety of products and technical platforms

Technical Leadership


I provide technical leadership in Agile scrum teams, balancing my product and entrepreneurial backgrounds with creativity and problem-solving skills.



Photography is a hobby that gives me visual insights, helps further develop my storytelling skills, and my use of color and design.



Every year I make things that require learning and improving upon skills using metalwork, woodworking, 3d printing, airbrushes/painting, electronics, and more.


I have always loved the art and design of great storytelling.


Dreams, epic adventures unfolding on the glittering edge of some alien planet, tales told around the flickering of a campfire, a great book or a well-made movie all serve to equally delight me.


Behind all products, there are stories from consumers that help define, shape, evolve and provide continuous improvements over time. Products need to both deliver business goals and be useful. These stories help guide and focus my efforts.


As a Software Product Manager, I am a conduit for both the business stakeholders’ requirements and the dreams of the intended consumer. I lead by advising with stakeholders, defining the strategy and in generating Agile requirements that allow skilled development teams to build useful software that delivers on the promise of the users’ stories.


I built, grew and sold five successful Enterprise software companies in a row while being a pioneer in many verticals. I have created, designed and built award-winning mission-critical Enterprise applications for over 15 years. As a consultative Product Manager who wanted the best product, I have led large, complex systems integration projects to hundreds of name brand Enterprises like American Express, Ameriprise Financial, BMW, Nintendo, and Toyota.


My endless enthusiasm for creating useful products has had me serve some of the best brands and meet countless interesting people in the world as my customers throughout my fifteen-year career. Best of all, I have the privilege of listening to many compelling stories while creating and collaborating on great products. I am very thankful.


It all starts with a great story!